Banana Bread Recipes for Every Occasion Slideshow

10 banana bread recipes to satisfy almost every diet, craving, or special occasion.

The Chocolate-Lovers Banana Bread

If you’re someone who always seems to have chocolate on the mind, this is the banana bread recipe for you. Loaded with sweet chocolate morsels and greek yogurt, this loaf makes the perfect treat after a long day. 

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The Island Banana Bread

The coconut flavors in this twist on the classic banana bread recipe will make you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation. Even though this recipe calls for muffins, it can be easily adapted into a loaf. Perhaps pair it with a nice summer drink?

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The Healthy Banana Bread

If you’re on a diet, a health-conscious eater, or not a fan of overly sweet desserts, this is a great banana bread to try. The recipe calls for agave in place of sugar and spelt flour instead of all-purpose to give this dessert a healthy boost.    

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The Hidden Vegetable Banana Bread

Try this banana bread recipe as a somewhat sneaky and delicious way to get your kids— and even yourself — to eat more vegetables. This Zucchini bread packs nearly half of your daily-recommended doses of both vegetables and fruits into one, mouth-watering loaf.

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The Banana Bread for One

In the mood for banana bread but don’t feel like making an entire loaf? This quick recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie will satisfy your dessert cravings without leaving a trace. 

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The Savory Banana Bread

If you’re craving banana bread flavor but are not quite up for a sugary treat, try this banana bread recipe that uses chickpeas as a main ingredient. You may be skeptical, but give it a try — you might be surprised how great this bread is as a filling midday snack.  

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The Diabetes-Friendly Banana Bread

Readers who need their banana bread fix but have diabetes or generally want to cut back on their sugar intake should consider this sugar and oil-free recipe. What it lacks in sugar it makes up for in delicious taste and nutritional value.

Click here for the Sugar-Free Banana Bread Recipe.

The Autumn Banana Bread

Just because this banana bread recipe has a pumpkin-flavored twist does not mean you can only make it in the fall. Make this recipe any time of the year that you’re craving the crisp autumn air, colorful leaves and most importantly: pumpkins. 

Click here for the Pumpkin Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe.

The Banana Muffin

The only thing better than banana bread are banana muffins that you can take on the go. Make a batch of banana muffins at the beginning of the week, and use them for easy breakfasts, great gifts, and on the go snacks. Beware how fast they may disappear. 

Click here for the Strawberry Banana Muffins Recipe.

The Banana Bread Pancake

These aren’t your average banana pancakes. This recipe takes the best parts of classic banana bread and transforms them into a pan-fried wonder. This easy recipe is perfect for kids and adults alike.  

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