1. Pork Chops from America's Most Popular Recipes of 2012

America's Most Popular Recipes of 2012

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1. Pork Chops

With a top monthly search score of 9,239,208, pork chop recipes grabs the number one spot on our most searched recipes list. While pork ranked slightly lower on the overall list of foods searched, pork chops climbed the highest, outranking other searches for pork such as tenderloin, roast pork, and pulled pork recipes. They were visually popular this year as well, as they fell under the top ten food searches on Pinterest for the past year as well. Chops are the most flavorful and tender part of a pig, which is why we’re not surprised that most people are choosing to work with that particular cut.  With their light, white meat, pork chops are incredibly versatile, which is why we think such a basic search such as pork chops recipes came out as the most popular. This pork chop recipe proves that just a few key ingredients are needed to create a bold and flavorful result.  

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