Mexican Sugar Skull (Calaveras de Azúcar) from 8 Dia de los Muertos Recipes (Slideshow)

8 Dia de los Muertos Recipes (Slideshow)

Mexican Sugar Skull (Calaveras de Azúcar)

Zulka Pure Cane Sugar

Known as calaveras de azúcar, these sugar skulls are traditional Mexican decorations for Dia de los Muertos. These skulls are also edible. 

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Pan de los Muertos (Dead Bread)

Fuego Cocina y Tequileria

When he was growing up in Mexico City, chef Alfredo Solis enjoyed Pan de los Muertos at his aunt’s annual Dia de los Muertos feast. 

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Panellets (Pine Nut Cookies)

Vicky Cohen and Ruth Fox

These lemon-scented almond paste cookies, which are coated with pine nuts, are a traditional Spanish dessert.

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The Devils in the Pudding

Stöger Chile Seed Oil

The creators of this dessert call it “Chocolate Mousse with the devil inside” and say the pudding is “SCARY good.”

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Chocolate Decadence

Tortilla Republic

This Dia de los Muertos dessert looks great and is big on flavors like chocolate, coffee and chocolate with touches of brandy and cinnamon.

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The Hot Cubano

Havana Central

Savor Dia de los Muertos by sipping on this traditional shot of strong Cuban espresso, which is mixed with dark rum and coffee liqueur and topped with whipped cream.

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“Ashes to Ashes” Dia de los Muertos Cocktail

Scott Suchman

Celebrate Dia de los Muertos with this cocktail! For those who love a sweet drink, this is perfect for you. 

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Chocolate Abuelita (Mexican Hot Chocolate) Recipe

Fuego Cocina y Tequileria

Warm up to a cup of this Mexican hot chocolate on a cold fall day. It's also perfect to serve as a festive drink in honor of Dia de los Muertos. 

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8 Dia de los Muertos Recipes