8 Asian-Inspired Dressings (Slideshow)

Honey-Peanut Dressing


With fresh ginger, lemon, chili pepper, peanut butter, and fresh cilantro, this dressing complements salads, noodles, and satay.

Click here for a recipe Honey-Peanut Dressing. 

Chili-Lime Dressing


Savory? Check. Tangy? Check. A smidge sweet? Check. This well-balanced dressing is inspired by Thai flavor profiles and works with a number of dishes, be it grilled beef salad, splashed on cucumbers as a snack, or as an unique dressing for vegetable slaw. 

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Asian Vinaigrette


This Asian vinaigrette recipe gives your basic vinaigrette recipe a kick! The mild heat that it brings will make any salad or vegetable a bit more exciting and will have you wanting to eat your greens more so than usual. 

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Wasabi, Lemon, and Lime Dressing


If you want a dressing that has a kick and is sprightly, you've met your match! This goes well with a number of dishes, particularly on slaws or tossed with fruit salads for an unexpected twist and burst of flavor! 

Click here for a recipe for Wasabi, Lemon, and Lime Dressing. 

Thai Dressing


This sweet and tangy dressing has Thai-inspired flavors of cilantro, fresh mint, and peanuts.

Click here for a recipe for Asian Cucumber Thai Salad Recipe. 

Garlic, Soy, and Honey Dressing


The useful thing about this dressing is that it doesn't only have to be using as a dressing. It can also be served alongside satays or potstickers as a dipping sauce. Or you can baste shrimp or other proteins and vegetables on the grill with this for a hint of sweetness and tang on your barbecued foods. The uses are many and what's best is its easy to make! 

Click here for a recipe for Garlic, Soy, and Honey Dressing.

Ginger-Carrot Dressing

Top anything — salad, quinoa, chicken — with this dressing to pack a serious flavor punch with minimal effort.

Click here for a recipe for The Best 5-Minute Carrot-Ginger Dressing.

Miso-Sesame Dressing


This oil-free dressing is perfect for your favorite mixed salad or even as a simple vegetable dip.

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