7 Things You Didn't Know You Could Make With Potato Chips Slideshow

Potato Chip-Crusted Flounder

Trout almondine may be a classic, but it's time for an update. Try this Potato Chip-Crusted Flounder recipe from chef Todd Richards at The Shed at Glenwood in Atlanta.

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Potato Chip Cookies

Barbara Kiebel, author of the blog Creative Culinary, created these potato chip cookies on a whim. With just six ingredients, the ultimate indulgence is just 20 minutes away.

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Potato Chip Frittata

Nobody's going to tout the potato chip as a healthy alternative to anything, but it is a decent alternative to bacon if you want to add a little crunch to your morning brunch.

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Potato Chip Chilaquiles

This one's been a long time coming — the ultimate hangover cure is much improved with the use of potato chips.

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Dean Fearing's Frito Pie

OK, OK, so strictly speaking, Fritos aren't potato chips — they're made from corn. But, we thought that this recipe was just too fun not too include.

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Saturday Afternoon Salad

Ditch plain fried corn tortilla strips and instead turn up the volume on flavor with some Fritos in this Tex-Mex-style salad.

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Mexican Baked Frozen Ice Cream

This frozen dessert has a little surprise in the middle but we won't spoil it for you.

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Potato Chip Angolotti

Potato chips go with almost anything. Think of all those dips. Although we originally tried to make this with actual potato chips, the dough was too greasy. Using toasted, ground potato flakes gives it that nutty flavor without the added fat. The potato flakes, sometimes labeled instant mashed potatoes, are easily found in the supermarket. It doesn't take much effort to toast the flakes and grind them into flour, and the results will make you feel like a kid again. The dough can be cut into noodles or used to make ravioli. The potato chip pasta is delicious tossed with brown butter, parsley, and lemon, perhaps served alongside soft-shell crabs or sweet Maine lobster.

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The Perfect Potato Chip Recipe

Can't get enough of potato chips? It's not difficult to create the perfect chip at home, you just have to respect the science behind it. 

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7 Unusual (but Delicious) Uses for Ketchup

Feeling adventurous now? Bet you never thought of using ketchup like how it's used in these recipes. 

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Your Grandmother’s Dips Reinvented

Just as potato chips go great in your cooking, they also go great with dip. 

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5 Awesome Chip and Dip Platters

If you love your potato chips with dip, check out these five awesome platters to serve them in. 

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