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The Midnight Baker — Strawberries & Cream Popsicles

The Midnight Baker, otherwise known as Judy, loves to cook, entertain, and share her recipes and tips. Along with her on The Midnight Baker is her friend Sylvia, who was a keen eye for styling and good food, and Helen S. Fletcher, a noted pastry chef and author, who makes some guest appearances. Here, they provide a recipe for strawberries and cream ice pops, one in their Friday Popsicle series, using Greek yogurt.

The Messy Baker — Pick-Your-Own-Strawberries: My First Canadian Memory

The Messy Baker, otherwise known as Charmain Christie, documents every meal, attributes her culinary influences to her mother and Canadian Living Magazine, and looks for "fresh ingredients, well-balanced flavors, and nothing too complex" in her recipes, "those and an absence of visceral organs or beets." In this post, Charmain shares her first Canadian memory, and the food associations involved.

Plated | The Dish — Sparkling Mojito

Plated | The Dish features a variety of chef-designed meals each week, offering ingredients that are ready-to-order and delivered to your door with recipe instructions. Here, a summer drink recipe from The Huffington Post is tested and applauded as a perfect drink for summer "that will leave you satisfied every time."

Fork It Over Boston — Escape to the Cape: Pain d’Avignon

Fork It Over Boston "is a collection of restaurant reviews, food-related event recaps, kitchen adventures, fun food science, and more, focusing on Boston, Massachusetts, and surrounding areas." In this post, a media trip to Pain d’Avignon has this blogger reeling with excitement, and sharing her memories with you.

Dishin’ with Rebelle — Shrimp Wrapped in Spicy Honey Mustard Bacon

Dishin’ with Rebelle spells rebel wrong "because [she’s] all fancy like that," and uses her online space to share recipes, food products, kitchen gadgets, and roundup posts. This recipe for a fun and delicious appetizer should be a must on your next party menu.

Cleverly Inspired — Baby Mug Cake: Baby Shower Favor

Cleverly Inspired (Be inspired to be clever), believes that knowledge is for sharing. Her mission is to share a sense of accomplishment, pride, and a desire to never stop learning with everyone who reads her blog. In this post, a recipe card and dry ingredients fill a glass (microwaveable mug), providing a cook-ready and adorable gift that your guests can finish making at home.

Creole Contessa — Tomato, Bacon, and Cheese Tarts

Creole Contessa calls her husband "Big Goo" and her daughter "Baby Girl," and started her blog because "it’s just not fair not to share [her] great recipes with the world." Although raised in California, spending every summer in Louisiana with her late grandmother Frances taught her the art of Creole cooking and transformed her roots. Now, she operates under the motto, "You gotta look cute to cook cute," and shops her way to a full closet, and blog. In this post, Creole Contessa provides a recipe for a savory tart that is melt-in-your-mouth delicious.