50 Best Burger Recipes for 2014

If you love burgers, you have to try these 50 variations ranked by taste and ingenuity
50 Best Burger Recipes

It’s tough to beat a classic, all-American cheeseburger.

We’d like to believe there’s not a single person out there who doesn’t enjoy a good burger from time to time. Whether it’s a juicy beef patty cooked outdoors on a grill and topped with the classic fixings, a pan-seared lamb burger served on pita bread with savory tzatziki sauce, or a vegetarian version baked in the oven and slathered with a tangy Asian slaw, burgers always seem to satisfy. But, with the seemingly endless variations on this near-perfect sandwich, how do you choose? Though we’re confident chefs and home cooks around the world will come up with lots of new variations on the burger this year, we’ve rounded up 50 burger recipes so good we’re confident they’re the best that are out there right now.

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Last year, we rounded up the fifty best burgers based on taste, technique, and ingenuity. This year we decided that taste and creativity alone were enough to define the best of the best. We eliminated the recipes for fast-food burgers at home (with the exception of White Castle — because who isn’t crazy about those onion-topped sliders?) and looked for new recipes that exemplified bold, well-rounded flavors and outside-the-box creativity without relying on crazy or complicated cooking techniques.

It would be impossible to round up the fifty best burgers this year without acknowledging the Ramen Burger phenomenon. Ranked our seventh best burger this year, our easy ramen burger recipe has the crunchy ramen-noodle-bun everyone is crazy about and a juicy beef burger with scallions, soy sauce, and sesame oil. The Asian-inspired flavors are rounded out with spicy sriracha ketchup.

Another highlight is the feta-stuffed burgers (also new to the list this year). Though they may look like your average beef burger served on a Kaiser roll with lettuce and tomato, one bite will convince you otherwise. These burgers have a delicious surprise — a tangy, salty, melted feta-cheese-middle.

Curious to see which burgers made the top 50 this year? To see which one won? Read on. 

Brussels Sprouts and Onion Jam Burger

(Credit: RnR Scottsdale)
This creative burger recipe was the winning one at the 35th Annual Scottsdale Culinary Festival’s Burger Battle. Extra steps need to be taken to create spiced bacon, a tangy onion jam, and the Brussels sprouts, but it all comes together to offer a juicy cheeseburger that makes eating your vegetables easy. Click here for the recipe.

Mini Greek Turkey Burgers with Cucumber Sauce

(Credit: Pillsbury)
The Greeks know their burgers, and Pillsbury does right by them by creating this authentic turkey burger recipe using their frozen French loaves as buns. Click here for the recipe.

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