15 Poisonous Foods Slideshow

Pufferfish or Fugu

Pufferfish must be skillfully prepared in order to separate the delicious flesh from the parts that contain a deadly toxin. You can't make this one at home (and that's probably for the best) you'll have to go to one of the 17 restaurants in the U.S. that are licensed to sell it. To learn more about pufferfish visit TopTenz.

Live Octopus or San Nak Ji

Strictly speaking, San Nak Ji isn't poisonous, but it's potentially deadly nonetheless. As you swallow the live octopus, the suction cups can stick to your throat, choking you in the process. I guess you really need to chew? To learn more about the San Nak Ji fruit visit Moolf.


Who knew that this common spice, used to flavor the most wholesome of treats, is also a hallucinogen? Ingesting as little as two grams can have an effect, and ingesting a whole nut can lead to death. To learn more about nutmeg visit The Epicentre.


The leaves and stems of potatoes contain the poison glycoalkaloid. When the flesh of the potato has turned green it is also poisonous, so cut out any green parts before cooking. Keep your spuds in the dark to avoid green potatoes altogether. To learn more about potatoes visit Listverse.


Chiles contain a substance called capsaicin — this is the chemical that makes chiles hot. Though a little bit won’t hurt you, capsaicin is strong enough to be used in paint strippers and pepper spray. To learn more about chiles visit TopTenz.


The bad news — eating a lot of cherry pits will kill you because they contain cyanide. The good news — you probably won’t ever eat a lot of cherry pits. To learn more about cherries visit Listverse.

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