15 Best Kitchen Infomercial Products Slideshow

This one goes out to all you late-night TV junkies

Pasta Boat: $10

A Pasta Boat allows you to cook, drain, and serve pasta all in one dish — and all in the microwave. At a seriously affordable $10, most users found the pasta boat to be durable, easy to assemble, and easy to clean, and it even received a positive mention from TIME Business & Money as one of their seven TV products that actually work. Perfect for a college student or beginner cook, it’s not meant to recreate classic Italian masterpieces, but to add a little convenience to your life. 

Chef Basket: $10

A Chef Basket is a metal wire basket that unfolds into a flat layer when it’s ready to be stored. A lot of users claimed it was flimsy and poorly made, but as it doesn't take up much space in your kitchen, we think it’s a great and easy solution to deep-frying foods without a deep-fryer. 

Ronco Veg-O-Matic: $19.95

Created by inventor Ron Popiel, the Ronco Veg-O-Maticis no longer widely distributed, but you can often find it on infomercial shopping websites. At its core, it’s easy to use and fairly easy to clean, although recent models have replaced the sharp metal blades with plastic ones, so its efficiency score is lacking in a lot of user reviews. One unique bonus? The Veg-O-Matic works while you’re sitting down, making it a great leisurely tool to have lying around. 

Robo Stir: $4.99

A Robo Stir is a kitchen utensil that automatically stirs the pot when placed in the middle of it. At $5, it’s safe to apply the old saying "you get what you paid for" here. Despite its claims, users found that it did indeed burn their sauces and that it didn’t work as well in ones with thicker consistencies. All that being said, it’s easy to clean and fairly durable, so at just $5, why not keep it lying around for when you’re cooking up something light and don’t feel like standing at the stove?

Ninja Professional Blender: $99.99

The Ninja Professional Blender is one of the most loved items on our list. It received overall positive reviews from its users for its power, performance, and sleek design. One gripe that we saw over and over again, though, was that it won’t blend your smoothies or soups to as smooth of a consistency as you might hope for, but it still gets the job done. 

Butterball Turkey Fryer: $159.96

There’s nothing better than a fried turkey on Thanksgiving, which is why a Butterball Turkey Fryer would definitely be an infomercial gadget we’d buy. Using 33 percent less oil than most commercial fryers and having the ability to hold up to a 14-pound turkey, this fryer received overall favorable reviews from its users and we couldn’t find one complaint about a house fire. 

Big City Slider Station: $15.50

A Big City Slider Station lets you scoop, press, and cook raw meat into perfect little patties. We can’t resist a slider, and we liked that this gadget doesn’t require you to ever have to touch the raw meat while working. Out of all of its positive reviews, one we kept seeing over and over again was how fast it cooked the burgers. 

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Master Chef Kit: $183

A FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer allows you to easily store food without having to worry about freezer burn. Its site offers a lifetime warranty claim that it will save you up to $2,700 a year based on buying food in bulk and on sale, making it an overall positive investment, and user reviews claim that it’s durable and does its job well. 

Wraptastic: $10.95

We liked the Wraptastic just as much as we hate the annoyance of clingy plastic wrap, which is why we included it on our list. The fairly cheap gadget is easy to store and does its job by easily cutting through plastic wrap or aluminum foil without the mess. And for all of you Twitter fans, it’s even got its own hashtag

Edge of Glory: $10.99

Knife sharpeners can be expensive, which is why the inexpensive Edge of Glory made our list. Most user reviews said that it was cheaply made but at the end of the day it sharpened the knife, making us think that the website’s claim that it’s "the best knife sharpener that money can buy," really meant that it’s the best sharpener $11 could buy.

NuWave Oven Pro: $140

The NuWave Oven Pro allows you to broil, roast, bake, barbecue, steam, and dehydrate your food all with one piece of equipment. It uses triple the power to cook your food and does it in half the time, all the while using 85 percent less energy. Receiving overall positive reviews from Amazon.com, this gadget just might earn a spot on our counter. 

Ronco Showtime Standard Rotisserie: $129.99

We chose the Ronco Showtime Standard Rotisserie for a very simple reason: we love rotisserie chicken. Food cravings aside, though, we liked how this rotisserie oven cuts fat and carbohydrates naturally by allowing the juices to drip off the food while it roasts, and most of its users found it to be a good investment.

Spin Around Storage: $19.95

If storage containers clutter your cabinets, the Spin Around Storage is a good investment if you’re looking for a little organization in your life. It provides separate compartments for storing containers and lids and spins around for easy selection. If you can get over saying goodbye to brand-name storage containers, it’s not a bad investment for $20.

Salad Spinner: $69.99

Salads can sometimes be pain to put together, but the Salad Chef makes it easy to rinse, slice, grate, transport, and serve your produce. Based on the user reviews, we think we’d get the most use out of the salad spinning-function, because it allows you to dry your salad, toss it, and serve it all in one bowl. 

V-Slicer: $32.25

While there are many professional models available for a lot more money, we credit the Swissmar Borner V-Sliceras being a great gadget that does its job for the price you pay. The product allows you to easily cut vegetables into thin slices and it received overall positive reviews on Amazon.