12 Good, Fast, and Cheap Recipes Slideshow

Caribbean Dream Fish Tacos

Cost: $2.00 per serving

Time:20 minutes

A lot of people instantly think cheap when it comes to tacos, but when fish gets involved they can get pricey to make. This recipe portions the fish out in a way that wont break your budget, and as it always is with tacos, theyre pretty fast to make.

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Olive 'n' Fig Chicken

Cost: $2.72 per serving

Time: 25 minutes

This dish will come hot out of the kitchen looking like a first-class meal, but little do your guests know that it only cost you a couple of bucks and no time at all to make.

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Creamy Broccoli Cheese Soup

Cost: $1.25 per serving

Time: 20 minutes

Sometimes we just crave comfort, but dont have the time to invest in a full-blown meal that comfort food often requires. This broccoli soup is an inexpensive and fast alternative.

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Feta-Spiked Turkey Burgers

Cost: $3.00 per serving

Time:15 minutes

When youre craving a burger but dont want to spend the money on the beef, this turkey burger recipe will save you some pennies, and the feta filling makes them enjoyable to eat as well.

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Greek Salad with Lemon

Cost: $1.50 per serving

Time:30 minutes

Fast and cheap to make, this recipe ensures that its good by using a few creative ingredients to infuse the salad with dominant flavors thatll leave taste buds singing.

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Quick Chicken Cacciatore

Cost: $ .56 per serving

Time: 30 minutes

Say cacciatore to someone and theyll immediately think of a flashy Italian restaurant with white linen tablecloths, but this recipe more than proves that you dont need the dough to put on that kind of show.

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Hash Brown Strata Recipe

Cost: $2.24 per serving

Time:30 minutes

Breakfast for a crowd can often be a production and can be costly if youre not careful, but this strata recipe keeps you in check by making it easy and financially reasonable to serve up a substantial early-morning meal.

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Individual Italian-Style Meatloaves

Cost: $1.50 per serving

Time:20 minutes.

Meatloaf often does come across as a typical meat-and-potato kind of meal, but can get expensive because of the cost of beef. Going lean and serving it in portions like with these individual meatloaves makes it inexpensive like its supposed to be and did we mention that these are delicious and pretty fast to make?

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Mediterranean Pasta

Cost: $1.18 per serving

Time:20 minutes

Beyond the cheap ingredients, this recipe saves money because it tastes even better the next day, cold, giving you not one meal but multiple.

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Lemon Pepper Orzo with Asparagus and Yellow Squash

Cost: $2.60 per serving

Time:30 minutes

Satisfying and nutritious, this orzo pasta makes a perfect center dish for your summer barbecue at little time and cost to you.

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Roma Tomatoes with Feta and Basil

Cost: $1.25 per serving

Time:5 minutes

Think of this recipe as a magic show; delicious, satisfying, aesthetically pleasing, and it takes you no time or money to make at all.

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Candy Bar Croissants

Cost: $2.52 per serving

Time: 30 minutes

Some people think that desserts have to be this big production, with lots of money and time invested, but these candy bar croissants can be whipped up in a flash and will spare you the expensive details.

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