12 Eastertime Recipes Using Everybody’s Favorite Creme Eggs

This popular confection turns out to be a versatile cooking ingredient

Read on for dinner table desserts, super simple bakes, and edible gifts, all using Creme Eggs as a main ingredient.


It’s that time of year when the world goes Creme Egg crazy. 

These foil-wrapped chocolate eggs with their yellow-and-white fondant filling (meant to resemble the interior of a real egg) is the most popular springtime confection in the U.K., where the factory turns out about 1.5 million of them every day. (Hershey sells them in the U.S.)

Social media feeds explode this time of year with new and inventive recipe suggestions for how you should eat yours. You don’t need to go hunting around the internet to find the best ones though, because I have brought them all into one place just for you. These are best recipes from top food bloggers. Read on for dinner table desserts, super simple bakes, and edible gifts, all using Creme Eggs as a main ingredient. Happy Easter.

To start, these Creme Egg Nachos.

Recipes From A Pantry

Next we have perfectly pretty Creme Egg macarons, which would make a super sweet Easter gift for someone special. 

: Emily’s Recipes and Reviews


If you need a show-stopping centerpiece for your Easter dinner table, this Creme Egg cheesecake ought to do it.

Taming Twins

This recipe adds one of my favourite ingredients, Nutella, into the mix for delicious Nutella Creme Egg Baked Donuts.

Recipes From A Pantry By Bintu


Maybe you like a cooler take on dessert? This gorgeous Creme Egg ice cream cake will wow all your Easter guests.

Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary

Another perfectly indulgent after dinner option is this chocolate ganache Creme Egg tart.

Baking Queen 74

I like having a proper slice of cake with a good cup of coffee, and this Bundt cake looks like it would be just right .

Supper in the Suburbs

Easter means chocolate all day long in my house, so why not incorporate Creme Eggs into your breakfast with these Creme Egg pancakes?

Foodie Quine

Perhaps you fancy trying one of this year’s Pinterest sensations — the Creme Egg Scotch egg.

Amuse Your Bouche

Want to make an edible Easter gift for someone? How about this Creme Egg fudge?

Kerry Cooks

We had to squeeze brownies, in didn’t we?

Fab Food 4 All

Finally, my very own Creme Egg stuffed cookies, simple enough for children to make.


Munchies & Munchkins