Cadbury Has Released an Oreo Crème Egg

Cadbury is selling an Oreo-flavored crème egg in Canada and the UK and people are going nuts

We’ll be waiting (not-so) patiently for these over in the States.

Cadbury crème eggs are making headlines yet again this year. As peak Easter chocolate season approaches, people are clamoring for the brand-new Oreo Cadbury crème eggs that have just arrived in the UK and Canada.

These crème eggs are come in a plastic Oreo-branded cup instead of the usual foil. Each chocolate egg is filled with Oreo crème and cookie bits instead of the original goopy, syrupy center. Unfortunately, this genius creation is not yet available in the United States. Regular-sized versions can be purchased in Canada, while the UK has to settle for the miniature Oreo crème eggs, according to People.


Naturally, Oreo crème eggs have been trending on social media, and have caught the attention of formerly-staunch critics of the overly sweet chocolate concoction: