The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Spring Cleaning

Start the season right by spring cleaning out your kitchen
The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Spring Cleaning


Spring is here, which gives you the perfect excuse to completely clean out your kitchen.

Spring is the perfect time of year for a deep clean of the entire house. Even if you’re still wearing your parka, warmer weather is just around the corner. It’s a great time to open the windows and clean out everything that has piled up in the kitchen during the long winter. Plus, you’ll be ready for the spring holiday brunches and family get-togethers that always seem to pop up at the last minute.

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While it’s good to purge a bit during spring cleaning (you probably won’t need that green ketchup you bought before it was discontinued in 2006), most of the pantry staples you stocked over the winter are totally useable. At mealtime, incorporate spring produce that’s starting to pop up in grocery stores and farmers markets across the country with the dry goods you have on hand like pasta, quinoa, and beans. Serve up quinoa with grilled ramps or make savory oatmeal with corn and tomatoes.

The pantry and the fridge are two great places to start, but take your spring cleaning to the next level and clean your cleaning utensils (they need loving too!) before you hit all of those easily forgotten germy spots in the house, like the garbage disposal and the dishwasher.

A clean fridge is important for knowing what you have on hand. Start this season with a clean fridge and keep it organized all year long; you’ll waste less if you keep track of what you buy and how old everything is.

Warm weather may not be upon us yet, but you can get ready for spring with a clean and organized kitchen with some useful cleaning tips from Taste of Home.

Deep Clean

Deep Clean


Take everything out of your fridge and freezer and give the whole thing (ice trays, shelved, and drawers included) a deep clean. Try out natural products, they can actually kill more odors than chemicals. This will also give you the chance to take stock of what you have and start fresh with a fridge that doesn’t smell like takeout from three months ago.

Follow the FIFO rule (First In, First Out)



In both your pantry and your fridge, place newer items behind older foods so that you use the older food first. An organized refrigerator can save you lots of money.