10 Geeky Accessories for Any Nerd’s Kitchen Slideshow

Cooking and nerding out are not mutually exclusive

10 Geeky Accessories for Any Nerd’s Kitchen

When you stop to think of the stereotypical geek, images of uber-nerds perpetuated by sitcoms (think: Family Matters’ Steve Urkel, Saved by the Bell’s Screech, and Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper) likely comes to mind first. Less likely to come to mind is anyone donning a chef’s apron and taking to the kitchen to prepare a dinner party.

Well, nerds, stand proud and stand tall because, truth be told, cooking and nerding out are not mutually exclusive — which is why the coming across a wide selection of nerd-tastic kitchen accessories made this not-so-humble nerd beyond giddy. Now you can have your cake (or, as it were, pie) and eat it too… on an appropriately themed pi plate, just one of the deliciously geeky accessories on our list.

Dr. Who Cutlery, Plates, and Spatula

Bow ties are cool. That’s true, according to the good Doctor. But even cooler than bow ties? This collection of accessories that would jazz up any Whovian gathering of comestibles. Cook up your meal using a bonafide Tardis spatula and serve on like-themed plateware, complete with utensils modeled after the 12th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver.

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Zelda Birthday Cake Topper

What better way to celebrate a gamer’s birthday—or any occasion that warrants a cake, for that matter—than with one of Nintendo’s most popular video game series: Zelda. This 10-character set features (naturally) Zelda and Link, several other characters, a handful of rupees, and decorations transform any boring cake into a Hyrulean landscape.

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Harry Potter Toast Rack

Does anybody really need a toast rack? (The answer is no.) But if you fancy yourself a student of Hogwarts, ignore practicality and add this Hogwarts Express–themed toast rack to your kitchen accessories collection. Brunch just got a lot more magical. Expecto Pa-toast-um!

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Death Star Ice Cube Mold

Happy hour is about to get a little more intergalactic. Not only will you impress your friends by serving up homemade cocktails with fancy spherical ice cubes— err, ice spheres— but take it to the next level (and make sure they notice before it melts) with these silicone molds that’ll transform boring old ice into Darth Vader’s ultimate weapon… sort of.

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Beaker Martini Glasses

Your geeky kitchen accessory collection doesn’t have to be limited to just fantasy themes. Bring your nerdy love of all things science to happy hour, with a set of four martini glasses with multicolored Erlenmeyer flask bases. Bottoms up! 

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Beaker Wine Glasses

If you’re looking to lay off the hard liquor for happy hour, consider a impressing your science-minded circle of friends with these beaker wine glasses, which let you accurately pour a generous 250ML serving— or, about 8.5 ounces.

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Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Cookie Jar

Where are my… cookies?! Keep your afternoon snack tucked safely away like a true Westerosi with a replica of Rhaegal’s green and black egg. The hollowed out shell of one of Khaleesi’s beloved children is the perfect place to keep your treats out of the hands of those pesky Undying Ones.

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Pi Plates

Your guests will really appreciate how meta your geeky dinner party gets when you serve up a slice of pie on a pi plate. The math equation emblazoned on the center of the plate literally translates to say “I eight sum pi.” But don’t worry: if your guests don’t get it, it’s written on the bottom, too.

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Game Boy Fridge Decals

Your kitchen is about to Level Up in a major way. Slap these decals on a boring, every day fridge and instantly transform it into what will undoubtedly be the biggest talking piece in your home: an old-school Game Boy with (of course) a classic Tetris scene on its screen.

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Star Trek Bottle Opener

These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. It’s five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go…to the fridge and open up a cold beer. Modeled after the famed flagship starship of the beloved Star Trek series, the only thing that could make any Trekkie happy hour better was if there was something similar for cutting up a pizza to go with that beer. Oh, wait

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