1. Water Diet from 10 Diets That Don't Work

10 Diets That Don't Work

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1. Water Diet

The Basics: Throughout each day, you need to drink 64 ounces of pure water that is kept at 50 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. The idea is that the body needs to use energy to heat the water to body temperature, and doing so will burn about 12 calories for every pint of water. Thus, one who is on the water diet will burn calories naturally by using internal energy to heat the water, while completely flushing out their system.

Why It Won't Work: “Theoretically, the science behind it makes sense on a molecular level, but it doesn't make sense on a clinical level,” explains Bock. “You're not going to see it work effectively in a person.” While Bock does concede that drinking more water each day does promote a healthier lifestyle, it is the “cold” water factor that makes people believe they are doing something effective toward weight loss. More importantly, not everyone could follow a diet like this, such as heart, kidney, and liver patients who have fluid retention problems and electrolyte imbalances.