10 Countries You Won’t Believe Have Starbucks (Slideshow)

You wouldn’t believe that the popular coffee chain is brewing in some of these countries


Despite world famous Turkish coffee, many people in Turkey are sipping their favorite Starbucks beverage. 


Coffee is a traditional hot beverage in Romania and people there love their Starbucks coffee.


Peru has some great coffee, but people there still enjoy a Starbucks brew.


Coffee is a popular hot drink in Egypt and many people there can enjoy a piping hot Starbucks beverage.


Lebanese coffee is similar to Turkish coffee and is quite strong, but despite being used to strong coffee, people still enjoy a Starbucks coffee. 


Traditional Greek coffee is strong and brewed with foam on the top and the grounds at the bottom of the cup. Even with a national coffee, Grecians still enjoy a hot Starbucks coffee.


If you travel to Malaysia, you will still be able to enjoy your favorite morning Starbucks brew.


Chile has a great coffee culture and Starbucks is now a part of it.

Costa Rica

Known world-wide for it's coffee beans, Costa Rica now drinks Starbucks coffee in addition to coffee made with their homegrown beans.


Located in Southeast Asia, this Island serves hot Starbucks coffee.