Greek Yogurt and Fruit from 10 Breakfasts and What it Takes to Burn Them Off (Slideshow)

10 Breakfasts and What it Takes to Burn Them Off (Slideshow)

If you want to start your day with a clean slate you’ve got to eat smart

Greek Yogurt and Fruit


Greek yogurt may be one most popular “health foods” in the world but it can pack tons of added sugar. Plus, yogurt cups that come with additional toppings like nuts, fruit, or chocolate chips can max out at more than 250 calories each — that translates into almost 45 minutes of high-intensity sit-ups for a 150-pound person. Try a healthier breakfast of fat-free plain Greek yogurt (6 ounces) and a medium banana.



Even those made with 100 percent fruit and fruit juices can contain 300 to 500 calories. That can be fine if you're having a smoothie as a meal, but keep in mind that a 150-pound person would need to jog for nearly an hour to burn off that smoothie.

Steel-Cut Oatmeal


This quick and healthy breakfast option is packed with fiber. Top the oats with half an ounce of raisins for a breakfast that can be burned off with a 25-minute dip in the pool!

Breakfast Platter


You know the breakfast — the one your order at the diner: two eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon, or ham, and buttered toast — that breakfast platter can weigh in at over 1,000 calories. The average person would have to run 9 miles (at a pace of six miles per hour) to burn this breakfast off. 

Protein Bars


Protein bars vary widely in their content and healthfulness; most have about 250 calories. If you work hard, you can burn this breakfast off in your spinning class — about 20 minutes on a stationary bike will do the trick.

Bagel and Cream Cheese


Even if you keep the cream cheese to just a smear, the calories in this low-protein breakfast can easily rocket to well over 400. If you have a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast, be prepared to hit the stair climber for almost an hour to burn it off.

Fast Food Breakfast


A breakfast sandwich made with ham, egg, and cheese (on an English muffin) is usually one of the lowest calorie choices on fast food breakfast menus. Skip the hash browns and orange juice and you can burn this breakfast off with about 30 minutes of jogging. 

Cereal and Milk


One serving of cereal with 2% milk typically clocks in at around 200 calories. Choose low-sugar high-fiber cereals and practice Pilates for 30 minutes to give yourself a clean start. 

Bran Muffin


Muffins have more calories than most people realize — perhaps the reason muffin tops are trending! Even high-fiber options can be high in calories and packed with added sugar. Choose a bran muffin and you’ll likely regret your decision — it would take an hour-long Bikram Yoga session to burn it off. 

Egg White Omelet


A filling, protein-rich breakfast option, a delicious omelet made with 3 egg whites, vegetables, and a little bit of cheese and served with a slice of buttered whole grain toast add up to about 300 calories; burn that breakfast off with a one-hour hike.