Customer Attacks Clerk for Not Smiling Enough

A shopper was enraged that his service did not come with a smile
Convenience store

Wikimedia/Valeriya Nochka

A customer on a late-night snack run assaulted a convenience store clerk for not smiling enough while serving him.

Keeping a smile on one’s face while dealing with demanding customers is one of the more difficult aspects of customer service, but one customer on a late-night snack run was not sympathetic this weekend and was so enraged by the clerk’s lack of a smile that he started a massive brawl over it.

According to Rocket News 24, a 54-year-old customer walked into a convenience store for some late-night snacks around dawn on Sunday. The convenience store clerk completed the transaction in a professional manner and handed over the bag, but apparently he was not cheery enough for customer’s liking. The customer left, but then came back moments later and started calling for the clerk from outside the store, demanding that he come out and apologize for being surly and give him the smile he was owed.

The clerk reportedly went out to confront him, and it escalated into an actual fight. The customer attacked the clerk, forced him into an apologetic kneeling position, and then began kicking him so hard that he had to be hospitalized.

The clerk is expected to recover, and the customer was arrested as soon as police arrived. He has since been charged with assault and extortion.

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