New Milk Bar, New Bagel Bomb

Upon opening the new Milk Bar location, Momofuku launches a new bagel bomb flavor
Old Bagel Bomb
Arthur Bovino

Old Bagel Bomb

Last Wednesday David Chang and Christina Tosi unveiled the new location of Momofuku Milk Bar across the street from Momofuku Ssäm Bar (and the old Milk Bar). They also introduced a new bagel bomb last week that includes a black sesame bagel filled with cucumber dill cream cheese, "for the vegetarians," a staffmember said offhand. Other new additions to the Milk Bar menu will include alcoholic milkshakes, now that they have a liquor license.

Chang told Grub Street about his plan to introduce an "all duck counter service menu" this week at Ssäm Bar. The menu, which will be available only Monday through Friday will feature rotisserie duck. Stay tuned for more information about what Chang plans to do with the newly available space at Ssäm Bar.


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