ConAgra Food Giant Hits the Streets


When you think of food trucks, processed, brand name products do not come to mind. But Wicked Kitchen, a Los Angeles-based food truck, is one of ConAgra Food Inc.’s newest brands. 

ConAgra boasts its products can be found in 97 percent of America’s households. It owns brands such as Marie Callender’s, Slim Jim, Peter Pan peanut butter, and PAM cooking spray — none of which scream cool, fresh street food.

Supposedly, employees at ConAgra Foods become interested in the street food movement, and went out of their way to travel to Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami to check out and taste the popular food trucks there. Then they began planning their own


The menu on the truck claims “Global Grub” with cutesy names such as “Walk the Lime” and “Don’t Lose Your Tempura.” Wicked Kitchen’s website fails to mention if the food prepared on the truck comes from ConAgra products (processed and/or frozen) or if they are actually making the food from scratch.