The Comcast Center in Philadelphia Has Food Surprises

Mixing modern technology with fantastic food

One of the biggest Philadelphia tourist draws is the city's extensive history, as it is home to sites like the Liberty Bell and the signing of the Declaration of Independence, among others. Of course there are many other attractive aspects about The City of Brotherly Love, including many excellent restaurants, but some must-see spots often go unnoticed, like the recently built Comcast Center on 17th and JFK Boulevard.

As the tallest skyscraper in Philly, the building is 58 stories high and houses The Comcast Experience, a high-definition LED television that measures a whopping 2,000 square feet. It’s a beautiful mechanism that has become a sort of town attraction due to its enormous size and incomparable picture quality.

Perhaps the most interesting part about the Comcast Center, however, is its high-quality market. Philadelphia staples like Di Bruno Bros. and Termini Brothers Bakery have set up shop in this market alongside other city favorites like Percy Street BBQ, Jake and Max’s Delicatessen, and Mike’s Steaks. Fresh produce is also available at Sook Hee’s Produce as well as fresh seafood at Under the C Seafood.

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Although it’s simply an office building at first glance, the Comcast Center is a truly interesting mix of modern technology and top-notch cuisine. If you’re looking for an off-beat tourist spot that will give you a different taste of Philadelphia, then the Comcast Center and market is your go-to destination.