Colman Andrews and John Mariani to Debate Modernist Cuisine

The two culinary luminaries have differing opinions on ‘molecular gastronomy’ and will be facing off at New York's ICC.
John Mariani, Jane Bruce

Mariani points to this "bagel with lox and cream cheese" as proof that "modernist cuisine is static."

Over the summer, Esquire’s John Mariani issued an epic takedown of so-called ‘modernist cuisine,’ stating that “the expansion and influence of avant garde cuisine has been next to zero." Daily Meal editorial director and Saveur co-founder Colman Andrews replied by arguing that his contention was “so far off base as to be absolutely stunning,” setting off a long-simmering friendly feud between the two culinary icons. They each have a side to argue, and on Tuesday, February 4th, they’ll be facing off head-to-head at the amphitheater at New York’s International Culinary Center.

“If my esteemed colleague truly believes that modernist cuisine has no influence on restaurants today, he clearly needs to get out more,” Andrews joked. Molecular gastronomy is on full display at high-end experimental restaurants like New York’s WD-50 and Chicago’s Alinea, but Mariani argues that it hasn’t found much success outside of the high-end experimental world.


The discussion will be moderated by ICC founder and CEO Dorothy Cann Hamilton, and the debate will begin at 6:30, after  ahalf hour of ‘techie cocktails.’ You can RSVP by January 27 to or by calling 646-254-8577, and you can also watch it live by clicking here