Coffee May Reduce Physical Pain, Study Says

Good news for coffee lovers: study says coffee drinkers have less pain in shoulders, neck, and forearms
Thinkstock/ Hemera

It's now said coffee can reduce physical pain.

For those of you hunched at your work computer this morning with a cup of coffee nearby, take comfort in this: your java jolt may help your physical pain

That's what new research from Norway says, reports the Los Angeles Times. And yes, it helps with the aches and pains of office life: the 48 participants in the study were tested doing "computer tasks," aka office work, for 90 minutes. They were allowed to drink one cup of coffee before performing the work; the researchers then found that those who had a cup reported a lower intensity of pain than those who went without. 

The coffee-drinking participants reported a much lower scale of pain, about 41 on a 100-point scale, compared to 55 for non-coffee drinkers. They reported a lower scale of pain in the neck, shoulders, wrists, and forearms. The researchers cautioned that the research is still hazy (it's unknown if the participants drank coffee before coming into the test), but it's certainly a start. So head to the break room for another cup, or run out to Starbucks — you have a legitimate excuse!