Cocktails to Help Survive Tax Day

5 recipes for Tax Day-themed imbibing
Cocktails to Help Survive Tax Day

If filing your taxes doesn't make you want to reach for a cocktail, well then, we don't really know what to say except: want to do ours next year?

Whether you're scrambling to get yours in under the wire (that they're due a few days later this year didn't help), or you already have your return sitting in the bank (cheers, next round's on you), chances are the experience has left you in need of a strong drink.

Looking for a little behind-the-bar inspiration? Below are some recipes befitting the spirit of Tax Day.


Income Tax

Perhaps the most appropriate thing you could drink on April 18th — this cocktail mixes gin with orange juice, dry and sweet vermouth, as well as a dash of bitters, naturally.


Fuzzy Logic

All those online forms and stacks of goverment paperwork (such tiny font!) make it hard to think straight. Why not aid the process along with this fittingly named cocktail, made with a dizzying combination of vodka, triple sec, peach schnapps, and orange juice.


Dollar Bill Shot

Here's to hoping the goverment owes you a lot of these this year.


Bank Statement

If your bank statements are anywhere near as long and convoluted as the list of ingredients in this cocktail — good luck getting your taxes in order.


Free Silver

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Finally, some free silver you don't have to account for. Although given the interesting combination of ingredients in this drink — gin, dark rum, lemon juice, milk, carbonated water — you might end up paying for it in the end after all.