Italian Police Find Drugs in Spicy Sausage

A man was caught smuggling cocaine in delicious spicy sausage
Nduja sausage

Wikimedia/Alice Weigand

Police in Italy found a stash of spicy sausage with some extra kick in it this week when they discovered a big package of cocaine hidden in the meat. 

Police in Italy found a stash of spicy Italian sausage with even more kick than usual this week when they uncovered a large package of cocaine hidden behind the peppery meat.

According to The Local, police in Sicily say they were doing a routine stop of a taxi cab when they became suspicious of how nervous the 27-year-old male passenger in the back seat was acting. They checked out the trunk of the car and found what looked like an innocent, if delicious, package from a local butcher. The package was reportedly stuffed with a large amount of ‘Nduja, a very spicy, spreadable sausage that is a specialty of Calabria.

Tucked inside all the spicy sausage, however, was a nearly three pound package of cocaine, which police say was most likely intended for sale in Sicily and had a street value of more than $160,000.


The passenger was arrested and the cocaine seized, but police say the taxi driver was innocent and not taken into custody. It is unclear what happened to all the sausage, but hopefully someone made a good snack of it.