Coca-Cola Makes Calorie Counter (to Burn Off Coca-Cola)

Now you can figure out exactly how much you need to work out to burn off that can of Coke

If calorie counts on soda vending machines weren't enough, now there's a handy calorie counter for Coca-Cola drinkers to determine just how many lunges and squats will burn off a can of Coke. 

The U.K. Coca-Cola website now offers the calorie counter for its lineup of products: Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Powerade, and more. Choose an item (i.e. Coke) and the calculator will tell you how many calories are in the drink, and then suggest activities to burn off the calories. 

Using the can of Coke, here's a suggested list of activities: 

• Walking (slowly) for 30 minutes

• Yoga or pilates for 32 minutes

• Spinning for 14 minutes

• Vaccuming for 51 minutes

• Mopping the floor for 32 minutes

• Walking the dog for 29 minutes

• Skiing for 21 minutes

• Salsa dancing for 21 minutes

(In case you need some rainy day activities.) 

The website also explains calories, the benefits of exercise, and the 101 on dietary guidelines. "Making sure there isn't an imbalance between the amount of calories you take in each day and the amount you burn can help you to maintain a healthy weight," the Huffington Post quotes the calorie counter. 


Coca-Cola Cherry and Coke regular were among the most caloric offerings, but HuffPo points out that the entire list of products isn't on the calorie counter, like other Powerades and Vitamin Water. Despite the fact that the British versions of Coca-Cola may be different than those we consume in the U.S., it might make you take (another) pause before you sip on a Coke.