New Vending Machines Display Calorie Counts

An unprecedented move by the beverage industry lets consumers see what's in the drink before they buy

If you knew just how many calories that Diet Pepsi had while you looking to buy something to quench your thirst from a vending machine, would it make you reconsider — or would you buy it anyway? The American Beverage Association is hoping that you'll buy it anyway. 

The Associated Press reports new machines will have calorie counts of drinks on the selection buttons. (But it looks like the sugar content is notably absent from the display.) The hope is that consumers will be reminded of low-cal alternatives to soft drinks, the ABA said in a press release. 


The new vending machines will debut in San Antonio and Chicago in 2013, and will then be installed nationwide. It could be a move for Coca-Cola and PepsiCo to push their diet options, especially as fewer people are picking up the regular Cokes and Pepsis.