Japan Celebrates Spring with Cherry Blossom Coca-Cola

Cherry Blossom Coke and Cherry Coke are completely different things

Coca-Cola Japan is coming out with a very pretty new Cherry Blossom Coke as a limited-time special this spring.

Cherry Coke is a familiar icon, but Japan’s new Cherry Blossom Coke is a completely different thing, and it’s on its way to Japan to welcome spring.

Cherry blossoms don’t bloom for long, so when they first show up in the springtime, it’s always a big event in Japan. And cherry blossoms are pretty, but they also have a very pleasant flavor, which can be found in any number of popular seasonal foods and drinks, like cherry blossom candy, cherry blossom tea, and even cherry blossom cronuts. This year, according to Rocket News 24, cherry blossom Coca-Cola will also be on the menu. Last year, Pepsi released a cherry blossom soda of its own, and that floral-flavored soda was actually pink. It’s not yet clear what color the Sakura Coke will be when it comes out of the bottle.


The new Sakura Coca-Cola will will be released on February 13, and it comes in a very pretty limited-edition white aluminum bottle covered with cherry blossoms in varying shades of pastel pink. Sakura Coke will only be around for spring, but in the meantime it will sure look pretty on Instagram.