Baskin Robbins Japan Brings Back Cherry-Blossom Ice Cream

After 24 years, Baskin Robbins is bringing back Sakura ice cream

Baskin Robbins Japan is re-releasing its limited-edition salted cherry blossom ice cream flavor after 24 years. 

Japan gets all the cool limited-edition seasonal flavors, and cherry blossom or sakura is a particularly popular flavor during cherry blossom season in early spring, so it’s a little surprising that Baskin Robbins Japan has not offered its cherry blossom ice cream in nearly a quarter of a century, but that’s about to be rectified because the sakura ice cream is coming back next month.  

According to Rocket News 24, Baskin Robbins Japan is re-releasing a cherry blossom flavor that was last released 24 years ago. It’s pink and pretty and reportedly contains actual cherry blossom leaves and a hint of salt to bring out the floral sweetness of the cherry blossoms.


The cherry blossom ice cream will be available at Baskin Robbins shops in Japan starting on March 1 and will be around through May. Unfortunately for those of us not currently in Japan or planning a trip this spring, the sakura ice cream is not expected to show up elsewhere, but check out some of our best cherry blossom recipes for some tasty ways to celebrate cherry blossom season wherever you are.