Clyde Common: Small Bites and Expert Mixology

Small Bites and Expert Mixology

Clyde Common, a restaurant in Portland opened in 2007, is a casual restaurant serving traditional European food and great drinks at decent prices.

Clyde Common serves brunch, lunch, happy hour, dinner, and dessert, and the plates are small yet appropriate. The restaurant is modern but aims to convey a minimalist and communal atmosphere, rather than intimate. The service is slightly stingy but the food and drink make up for any missteps in that department. Some of the dishes are a little outlandish, like fideo (a type of pasta) with squid, scallops, squid ink, sausage, an aioli, but there is something for everyone here.

Some favorites at Clyde Common are the truffle popcorn and the cavatelli with braised beef and pickled peppers, and for lunch, the seared trout with asparagus and black rice. As far as drinks go, the spiced dark & stormy and the heavy petting, a drink made with vodka, quinine syrup, lemon peel, grapefruit, and aperol, a type of aperitif, a drink typically known to act as a stimulant for a meal. Clyde Common has tons to offer, so whether it’s for a drink or a small bite or meal, check out something new and exciting in this modern restaurant.