Classic Cereal Recooked — Literally

Charlie Boghosian’s latest creation is deep-fried cereal

Can you imagine breakfast cereal deep-fried? Well, SoCal’s king of the fryer Charlie Boghosian surely can. At this year’s San Diego County fair daring diners are munching on battered, deep-fried Trix and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, sprinkled with syrup, powdered sugar and more cereal. This should probably not be an alternative breakfast option, but it seems to be a crowd pleaser.

Chicken Charlie is not stopping there. He has another new addition to his menu - deep fried PB&J, but this is not Charlie Boghosian first strange frying experiment. He is famous for his classics which include: deep-fried Twinkies, deep fried Oreos, and a deep-fried Klondike bars. There are plenty of adventurous diners trying his deep-fried concoctions, last year Boghosian sold 1.1 million of his fried Kool-Aid balls.

Chicken Charlie will be serving up these deep-fried specials alongside of more common fried options such as fried chicken while he tours county fairs throughout SoCal; including the Orange County Fair and the Los Angeles Fair. If you are feeling gutsy, try one of the unique deep-fried delicacies.