Church-Goers vs. Beer Lovers: Who Tweets More?

You'd be surprised which word got the most hits, and where the tweets came from

You beer lovers out there may have no problem tweeting an Instagram of the brew you're drinking — but church-goers have you outnumbered. A new infographic compared the key terms "beer" and "church" on Twitter and found surprising results. 

The researchers analyzed data between June 22 and June 28, and geomapped where the terms "church" and "beer" were tweeted. Turns out, despite the hordes of beer tweeps in the world, there are more church-going tweeps out there. More than 17,000 tweets mentioned church during that time period, compared to about 14,500 beer tweets. What's more interesting is where these tweets came from: the church tweets came from the South, and the beer tweets came from the North. But Mediabistro notes the winner of the most beer tweets is a West Coast favorite — San Francisco — while the most church tweets came from Dallas. 

As the website (which created the infogrpahic) noted, the map of church versus beer tweets closely resembles the electoral maps of 2004 and 2008. These guys might be onto something. Check out the map below and see for yourself: maybe one of those #craftbeer tweets was yours.