Chipotle Wine Pairings

What pairs best with your burrito — and more!

We are at it again! Looking to pair your favorite foods with wines that work. It’s not always easy and some people don’t even think it’s worth the time. The truth is we can’t always sit down to a crown roast, but that should not mean we can’t enjoy a glass of wine with our dinner.

Today’s installment sees us pairing the Mexican fare of Chipotle with wine. At first glance, this might seem like a pretty simple task. Mexican food can seem like a simple rearrangement of basic core ingredients (which is true), but every combination happens to yield something different and each of those dishes presented their own wine-related challenges. Spicy, tart, oily, savory, vegetal, the flavors ran the gamut and most dishes had a winner, but only one wine went with almost everything — a $10 gem that surprised me! 

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— Gregory Dal Piaz


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