Chinese Team Wins French Wine-Tasting Competition

This weekend one of the world's top wine-tasting competitions was held at the Ch√Ęteau du Galoupet in Provence, and the team from China won the whole thing.

According to The Telegraph, teams from 21 different countries entered the contest. The blind-tasting teams from France, Spain, and Belgium were the favorites to win the contest, which was held at one of the largest wine estates in France, but in the end the four competitors from China won.

To win the competition, each of the teams had to taste six white wines and six red wines, and they had to try to figure out the grape type, the country of origin, the appellation, and the vintage of each glass without seeing the bottle or the label.

Last year the Chinese team finished 13th. This year they won, and in victory a team spokesperson said that blind-tasting is half skill and half luck.

The team from France finished second, and the U.S. came in third.