Goat Milk Entrepreneur Invents Drive-By Milking Van

A milk vendor in China has a van full of goats

A goat milk vendor in China is driving around with a van full of goats for the freshest milk possible. 

When it comes to raw goat milk, freshness is a big part of the appeal. Nobody looking for fresh, unpasteurized milk wants to pay a premium for stuff that has been sitting around for a while,. Until now most raw milk aficionados had to trust their vendors that the milk was as fresh as possible, but now one seller has found a way to give everyone what is unquestionably the freshest milk they’ve ever had, because he’s just driving the goats up to their houses and milking them right there.

According to Shanghaiist, a man in Xi’an, China, named Huang Baili has been driving through the city in a customized van loaded with six live goats in the back. Huang’s customers line up early in the morning with empty bottles at prearranged street corners, and Huang simply pulls up and milks the goats right into the bottles for about 10 yuan, or $1.60 apiece. Huang’s goat milk is proving pretty popular, and customers say the quality is exceptional. The freshness is obviously beyond reproach.

Huang’s system also has another benefit, which is that he can simply drive away quickly if someone spots the authorities on the way, because it’s not necessarily legal to sell unpasteurized goat milk on a street corner.

If only this were legal, it sounds like it would be a very popular farmers market stall.