Goat Milk Creamery Opens for Dogs

Creamery delivers farm-fresh goat milk for Japan’s most spoiled dogs

A high-end creamery has opened in Japan to sell fresh goat milk for dogs. 

Fresh goat milk is a prize at any market, and a high-end new creamery has opened in Japan to serve fresh goat milk to all that country’s very fanciest dogs.

According to Rocket News 24, Japanese gourmet pet food purveyor Chiacchiere Cani has added fresh-squeezed goat milk to its list of posh dog offerings. The company is known for its fancy dog food and high-end dog treats, which include things like cookies and cakes designed specially for dogs. Now they’re adding fresh goat’s milk, which the company says is lower in allergens and easier for dogs to digest.

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Locavore dogs will be pleased to know that Chiacchiere’s goat milk is locally produced from goats in the highlands of the Japanese Alps. Milk is shipped directly from the goats to customers twice a week to ensure maximum freshness. A four pack of 5.1-ounce bottles runs $12.90. The super high-end dog milk will be for sale only until the end of milking season in September, at which point the goats will get a break and the dogs will have to go back to drinking water. Knowing these dogs, it will probably be Pellegrino.