Chicken Restaurant Hires Actual Chicken to Run Its Twitter Account

An Australian chicken chain is waiting for a chicken to successfully type a word

Betty the chicken is tweeting for a barbecue chicken chain in Australia, but she hasn't quite earned her feed yet. 

Chickens don’t normally tweet, they cluck.

But a chicken chain in Australia has decided to hire one to run its Twitter account anyway.

According to Australia’s 9 News, the Chicken Treat barbecue chicken chain has placed a keyboard in a henhouse and is hoping that a talented chicken named Betty will eventually type a comprehensible word.

It hasn’t happened yet.

Chicken Treat is hoping that Betty will secure herself a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the first chicken to send a tweet. In order to achieve that, she is going to have to type out a four-letter word that is recognizable by English-language dictionaries. She’s been typing since October 8, and it looks like we might be waiting for a while.

An infinite number of monkeys might eventually manage to tweet Hamlet, but Betty the lone chicken seems to be a pretty long way away from managing a single four-letter word.


Still, she’s probably cheaper than a social media intern, and less likely to accidentally post something offensive.