Chickens Escape the Plate by Landing in Williamsburg

Chickens spilled in Williamsburg will go uneaten

Sixty live chickens that fell off a truck will get to live out their natural lives. 

In what sounds a lot like an alternate ending to the movie Chicken Run, a group of very lucky chickens that fell off a truck this week have escaped the slaughterhouse by landing in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

According to Gothamist, 60 chickens wound up in Williamsburg when a truck driver took a corner too quickly and lost some of his cargo. The live chickens went flying off the flatbed truck and fell by the side of the road. They were discovered by police and sent to Brooklyn Animal Care and Control Center, who sent them on to an animal rescue group called Farm Sanctuary.

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Had the chickens not fallen off the truck, they would have ended that particular drive at a slaughterhouse, from where they probably would have made their way onto some grills for Memorial Day weekend. Now that the chickens live at Farm Sanctuary, however, there will be no grilling. Just wandering around pecking and clucking for the rest of their natural lives.