Chelsea's Table Opens Walk-Up Window

After a successful opening of Chelsea's Table, Chef Dave Seigal and the restaurant crew in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood plan to open a window bar catering to those on-the-go. The Stonyfield Organic Dairy Bar window, run out of Chelsea's Table, will open July 25 offering caffeinated drinks and organic soft serve frozen yogurt in addition to other locally sourced goods.

Chelsea's Table opened May 3 by pier 62 within Chelsea Piers, offering healthy meals for the sit-in crowd, but the dairy window allows for those with a tight schedule to grab something quick. Chef Dave Seigal, who has worked at top restaurants including Jean Georges in Manhattan, worked with local farmers for both the dairy window and café to put together a menu that highlights the importance of locally grown produce.

"It's important to use as much local and seasonal stuff as we can," said Seigal. "Over the years I've liked going to the farmers markets to see what they are selling to see if we can use it."

Chelsea's Table offers salads, homemade soups, grass fed beef burgers, organic veggie burgers, along with healthy snack and drink options. Although customers won't be able to order burgers or salads from the dairy window, they can order a variety of espresso beverages, long brew iced coffee that is brewed overnight, and coffee supplied from Birch Coffee on 27th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenue. In addition, customers can order fruit smoothies and yogurt cups.

Seigal said that the highlight of the dairy window is the organic soft serve frozen yogurt that features a variety of homemade toppings including fruit compotes, organic hazelnut granola, and locally sourced maple syrup.

Over the years Seigal has formed a relationship with a farm in Sullivan County in Upstate New York that he said he likes to use for his dairy, eggs, and maple syrup.

Chelsea's Table has also formed a relationship with the youth programs at Chelsea Piers. The restaurant serves anywhere from 600 to 800 meals to children daily during the summer months.

"It's a family and kid friendly place," Seigal said of Chelsea's Table. "We put a lot of focus on healthy eating especially for kids."

The café and dairy window will be open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., with extended summer hours on Wednesday's until 8 p.m. Chelsea's Table was chosen as the soul food provider for the new Chelsea Piers sports complex opening in Stamford, Connecticut.

Sean Flynn is a Junior Writer for The Daily Meal. Follow him on Twitter @BuffaloFlynn