The Chef's Table at Travelle Takes Diners on a Journey

Chef Tim Graham highlights regions of the Mediterranean in his detailed and creative menus

Chef Graham leads diners on a culinary trip through Turkey at the chef's table at Travelle.

The chef’s table has become one of the most intimate and exciting ways to dine out. It brings you to the action of the kitchen and allows you to get into the mindset of the chef, a luxury not afforded to most diners.

In Chicago, the chef’s table at Travelle offers not only a journey into executive chef Tim Graham’s creative process, but also to a specific part of the Mediterranean region. Chef Graham focuses each of his menus on one particular area, allowing diners an immersive experience, almost as though they were truly visiting the highlighted territory.

The current menu, available through mid-January, brings the exotic charms of a Turkish spice market to the Travelle table. The meal starts with meze, which is a collection of small appetizers that includes interesting bites like drunken squid and zucchini fritters.

Dinner then progresses through six courses and dessert, each thoughtfully presented and explained by the chef. Questions are encouraged, as they help the diner acquire a deeper appreciation of the origins of each dish. Guests can enjoy Turkish delights such as hot yogurt soup with caviar, and lamb liver with onions and parsley.

The efforts of chef Graham and his team result in a dazzling culinary getaway that will leave guests inspired and refreshed.


The chef’s table at Travelle must be reserved a week in advance.