Grilling in Barbados with Chef Tim Love

Chef Time Love
Arthur Bovino

Chef Time Love

“In this grilling demo, we’re going to put a few things on the grill you might not think about doing," said Chef Tim Love on Day Two of the 2010 Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival in front of a crystalline ocean at the Fairmont Royal Pavilion, "And we’re going to put some things on the grill that you can finish off the grill. Because one thing I want you to come away with today is that grilling can also be a mid-step in cooking.”

Chef Love set a high bar for the day's demos. He charmed the crowd with tequila shots and by serving them the food he cooked on a grill and a la plancha during the demo. Check out the slideshow and excerpts below for highlights and grilling advice.


Bone-In or Out?

“Any time you’re going to have a bone in with the piece of meat while you cook it, it’s better. Because there’s marrow in those bones and as you cook it the marrow leaks out.“


On Seasoning

“The most important thing you can ever do when grilling is to put salt, lots of salt on it. If you put salt on your steak, and you don’t see it, if it dissolves into the oil, you don’t have salt enough on it.  Your steak is going to be tender, but it’s not going to taste.”


On Grilling

"On every grill there are hot spots and cold spots. You want to put your meat on the hottest spot you've got."


Give the Meat Space

“You want to move the meat to an open space on the grill. You go to the store and the guy will tell you, “I’ve got this great grill for you. You can fit 20 steaks on it!”  Well, yeah, you can, but the steaks are going to suck cause they’re all crowded in on each other.”


The Key to Grilling Meat

“We want that meat to relax. It’s going to bleed a little bit. The key to grilling is resting your meat. If you can let your meat relax for an hour you’re a hero. But at least 15 minutes.”


On Marinade

“Marinade is for people who don’t like to cook.”

“Some people put lemon and citrus in their marinades. Well, what’s in that? Acid. And that’s bad for the meat. Trust me I know acid is bad for you.”


Oil, Salt, Batali, and Garces

"You don’t want to use olive oil in grilling except when you’re finished. You heard of some guys named Mario Batali and Jose Garces? Well, Mario likes to use olive oil when he grills and that’s why his food tastes bitter. And Jose likes to put salt on afterwards, and that’s why his food doesn’t taste like anything. Just kidding.  Jokes, jokes.”


On Grilled Onions

"Onions like two things. Citrus and salt. Finish them with a little lemon."



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