A Chef and Her Forager

Two perspectives on what it means to have a resident forager at a New York City restaurant.

Chef Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez

Restaurateur Adam Block always envisioned having a position for a forager at PRINT. Restaurant, his first solo project. He felt that a forager would be necessary if they were to remain true to their vision of what the Hell's Kitchen restaurant  would be. Enter Johanna Kolodny.

PRINT.'s executive pastry chef, Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez established a relationship with Johanna while she was working at Basis Farm to Chef, a distributor that serves as a conduit between wholesale customers and small to mid-size farmers. She seemed like a good fit for the in-house foraging position and came on board in December 2009, five weeks before it opened;

In the two pieces below, Chef Carlucci-Rodriguez and Johanna Kolodny talk about some of the benefits and challenges involved with the position at PRINT.


Johanna Kolodny: Resident Forager

Chef Carlucci-Rodriguez: On Having an In-House Forager