Cheese Plates for Kids

Who says kids can’t be classy?

How to build the perfect cheese plates for kids.

When hosting an adult party, one thing everyone stresses out over is constructing the perfect cheese plate. But when you’re having a bunch of kiddos over for a fun evening of backyard games and birthday cake, do you totally skip the cheese plate? You really shouldn’t! After all cheese nibs are a great and healthy party snack that most kids will be so excited to eat. The key to constructing a great cheese plate for kids i not only selecting the right cheeses, but in presentation as well.

For the Cheese:

For kids, always go with soft, mild cheeses.  Mild Cheddar, Colby Jack  and America block cheese can be cut up and enjoyed by most little ones. If you want to expand their horizons, try a cheese like brie that they’ll have fun spreading or dipping into.

For the Accoutrements

Cheese may not be enticing on its own for picky eaters. Try pairing with pretzels, grapes and simple crackers for them to experiment pairings with. If you’d really like to mix it up, use sweet graham crackers to offset the the savory cheese.

The Presentation:


Silly, yes, but for kids how a food looks can totally change the way they feel about it. So arrange your cheese and crackers into a funny face or skewer the cheese on kebabs for a cool display that they’ll love.