Designers Create Dresses Out of Subway Sandwich Materials

A new project asked designers to create fashion-forward pieces with trash from Subway

Designers sent their dresses, made entirely of materials found at Subways, down the runway for Fashion Week.

Fashion meets food once more at Fashion Week, perhaps this time more literally than ever. Subway, the sandwich chain, hosted a fashion event yesterday to celebrate "SUBtember," where designers were asked to create dresses made entirely out of Subway items.

This isn't a Lady Gaga-esque meat project, but rather a project to promote recycling, as most of the items used were napkins, sandwich wrappers, salad bowls, and gift cards, PSFK reports, many of which contain recycled content.

Even New York designer Ainslee Bowers got in on the fun, sending two dresses down the runway. "While folks might not readily equate FOOTLONGS and fashion, there are some similarities between the two. Both allow for individualized customization and creativity. We’re glad to provide designers a new venue to express their unique style on the runway," global chief marketing officer Tony Pace said. And while that seems like a stretch, some of the dresses are indeed creative (more so, we imagine, than the standard ham Footlong). Check out the pieces below.




The winning dress. Twitter/RainaSeitel