Check Out Sea Life (And Sharks!) 75 Feet Below In Transparent Molokini Kayak


Taking its name from the crescent-shaped islet formed by a volcanic crater between Maui and Kahoʻolawe, the Molokini is a transparent two-person kayak that is beautiful and simple. Offered by Clear Blue Hawaii, this design is made from the same polycarbonate material that is used in making bulletproof glass and fighter jet canopies; meaning that it's pretty dang strong, which may make you feel a little better when you see Jaws swim beneath you—thanks a lot Steven Spielberg.

"It comes equipped with an anodized aluminum internal frame system, dual flotation bladders and a three-quart water bailer," says the company. "The Molokini features a removable lightweight anodized aluminum frame system, allowing the user to minimize space consumption, thus making transporting and storage of multiple units easy and convenient." 

The kayak is more than worth the nearly $2,700 price tag since you're not only getting a water toy, you're also getting unparalleled ocean views. Clear Blue Hawaii recommends taking it out on calm waters to better your view. They have tested it out near the island of Oahu, claiming that on a sunny day they were able to see down to depths of 75 feet. So, if you want to see pods of dolphins, tons of fish species and coral reefs, but don't like snorkeling or diving, the Molokini is a great alternative.

As an added safety bonus, the kayak has also passes durability tests that included crashing it against rocky shorelines, dropping it 20 feet, bashing it with a hammer, and shoving it out of a car going 70mph. So, just keep thinking of those numbers when your greatest fear, all toothy and grinning, comes swimming underneath you.