Check Out KFC China’s New Breakfast Wraps

KFC China has two new breakfast menu items inspired by popular Chinese street food

The new breakfast items at KFC China are inspired by popular street food items.

As the fast food breakfast battle rages on, Brand Eating has discovered that even KFC is trying to get in on the morning menu. Inspired by the popular snack and street food of scallion pancakes, KFC China has introduced a new line of Egg Pancake Wraps, using a simple omelette formula of eggs, scallions, and flour as the exterior wrap.

The new breakfast wraps come in two options: Fried Breadstick and Smoked Chicken. The Fried Breadstick wrap includes a flaky, fried breadstick that looks to be inspired by Chinese crullers, another popular breakfast item, and comes with dried pork and hoisin sauce.

The Smoked Chicken wrap features sliced chicken, Chinese sausage, lettuce, and mayonnaise. KFC China also offers egg custard tarts, a popular pastry found in Chinese bakeries that is historically connected to the Portuguese pastel de nata.

The Fried Breadstick Egg Pancake Wrap is offered at 9.5 yuan (approximately $1.55 USD) and the Smoked Chicken Egg Pancake Wrap is 11 yuan (approximately $1.79 USD).

Meanwhile, KFC Canada has something called the KFC Big Boss, which might well be KFC’s answer to McDonald’s Big Mac. Except, instead of two burger patties, the Big Boss contains two all-white meat chicken filets. Sigh. 


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