Check Out This 264-Pound Wine Bottle

American glass designer and Czech glass company create massive 'Maximus' wine bottle

It is more than 8 feet tall and holds enough liquid to fill 760 standard wine bottles.

When it was first designed in 2009, Maximus, as it is known in the Czech Republic, was the largest wine bottle in the world. You may have seen the YouTube video of its creation at Bohemia Machine, a high-tech glass grinding company. CEO Jiri Trtik commissioned Charlie Parriott, an American glass designer, to create the 27-inch wide bottle for a display on the cruise liner Oasis of the Seas.

So how do you build the largest wine bottle in the world? According to Filip Kurek, who handles public relations for Bohemia Machine, it takes several stages and up to five weeks because even the simplest manipulation of the bottle is a multi-man job.

Glass geeks may appreciate that the bottle is made of seven pieces of borosilicate, a type of technical glass used to make test tubes, which are welded using an enormous glass-cutting lathe and then torched together with heated oxygen propane. (Aren’t you glad you asked?)

Oh and by the way, the Maximus bottle is filled with Caymus 2007 Special Selection Cabernet Sauvignon from the Napa Valley.

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