Celebrity Sips: Everyone Gets The Gold

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Oscar Night bubbly
Celebrity Sips: Everyone Gets The Gold

This Sunday, almost no one at the Oscars will be chauffeured home empty handed. Some of the top nominees will find a bottle of Ayala Champagne in their gift bags.

Ayala is one of the best-tasting, well-priced Champagnes available — the sort of wine that makes you feel like a star. Sip this wine while you watch the stream of $15,000 gowns, paparazzi flashbulbs, and screaming fans with the quiet confidence that some of the world's best bubbles are sliding down your gullet at about half the price the elite pays for prestige Champagne.

Also, Ayala was the right pick since you can never bestow a carb-heavy gift upon a Hollywood insider; in contrast to common practice, Ayala's cellar master adds very little to no sugar to the wine, making this one of the lowest-calorie Champagnes available. Same great taste, no need to add an extra 30 minutes onto the four-hour personal-training session the following morning.

This Champagne is also a great match with a wide range of foods, from the toro at Nobu to Big Macs at the McDonald's drive-thru (since stars don't like to be seen eating in public, they're known to direct their limos from the theater to the Mickey D's before they head to the big parties). No meal or snack is too small an occasion to pair with a great Champagne.

Mostly, though, we're just doing our part to toast the outstanding work of this year's nominees. And we hope you, too, are sipping something special while you watch Hollywood pat itself on the back this Sunday.

Who should win Best Picture? What will you be sipping while you wait and see? Give us your picks for both below.

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