An Inside Look at the 50 Yard Lounge with Celebrity Cruises

Chefs from the cruise line will be serving apps at the 50 Yard Lounge in NYC
Celebrity Cruises Cuisine Inspired from Around the World

Celebrity Cruises is cooking up four different dishes from around the world at The 50 Yard Lounge in New York City.

Jane Bruce

As Super Bowl fever consumes New York City, Celebrity Cruises Corporate Executive Chef Rufino Rengifo and Senior Traveling Executive Chef Thomas Szymanski have joined in on the festivities. They’ve partnered with South West NY to serve bites at the 50 Yard Lounge this week. The Daily Meal got a behind the scenes look at what goes into prepping dishes for the events.

Their dishes will include:

• Beer and Cheddar cheese soup with smoked bacon, jalapeño, and pumpernickle crouton

• Smoked sausage chili wtih caramelized onion and aged Cheddar panini

• Spicy shrimp roll with miso, sambal, and masago

• Kobe beef hot dog with a poppy seed bun, togarashi, kewpie mayonnaise, and nori flakes

At the 50 Yard Lounge, the chefs will be serving more than 2,000 people leading up to the Super Bowl. While this may seem like a lot, the chefs serve about 1,200 meals per sitting, three times a day on their ships. 

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In deciding what to serve at the 50 Yard Lounge, the chefs took inspiration from the food they serve aboard their ships. Celebrity Cruises resdtaurants feature a variety of cuisines including American, Asian, and European. For the 50 Yard Lounge, Chef Rufino and Chef Thomas created dishes that showcase multiple concepts while still being game-day appropriate.