Celebrity Chefs’ Favorite Fall Spices and Where to Find Them

In case you ever need to hang out with Justin Warner or Harold Dieterle and don't know where to take them
Black and green cardamom
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Black and green cardamom

From allspice to vanilla, everyone’s pulling out special superstar spice combos for the season. You know it’s really fall when pumpkin spice lattes and apple cider (with cinnamon sticks!) pop up everywhere. We sat down with Justin Warner and Harold Dieterle during the New York Wine & Food Festival to see what they had to say about their favorite seasonal spice.

Do or Dine's Justin Warner hit the ground running. "Cumin," he said, and specifically, "out of the Mexican boxes." We’re not sure why Warner prefers the Mexican packages, but if it’s good enough for Justin Warner, it’s good enough for us. Warned declared his go-to fall knockout to be "cumin and strawberry," as well as cardamom and blueberry.

Want a taste of Justin Warner’s dream combo? Check out Unum in Washington, D.C. for ricotta beignets with cardamom blueberry sauce.

Even more cardamom and blueberry sweet treats can be found at ACKC Cocoa Bar. Their Lana Turner Diva features white chocolate with cardamom and blueberry essence, topped with whipped cream and blueberry. The best part: you can get any Diva as a hot chocolate, ice cream, or milkshake.

Top Chef season one winner Harold Dieterle, on the other hand, was a little more relaxed about his spice preferences. He’s usually so busy worrying about other peoples’ tastes that when it comes time to think about his own, he keeps it simple and heads straight for the pumpkin pie spice.

You can drop by Stuffed Artisan Cannolis for your fix, which, in their own words, features "funkified cannoli flavors." This week, they’ve got Pumpkin Spice on the menu — and we hope Dierterle knows about it!

Not ready for dessert? Pizza Brain in Philadelphia for a Charlie Mayfer white pizza — mozzarella, sweet potato, Honey Crisp apple, honey goat cheese, brown sugar, and, of course, pumpkin pie spice.

"Copping out" never tasted so good.


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